Boulder, Colorado Engagement Session | Megan + Greg

I adore travelling for my job and I feel so lucky that I was able to do this engagement session in Boulder, Colorado with Megan and Greg. As a few of you may have heard, I recently experienced a small concussion (its a long stupid story).  So naturally, instead of going to the ER as most freshly-concussed people would do, I went with Megan + Greg to the top of a mountain in Boulder, CO. Totally normal response. But hey, we had this scheduled and I was not going to miss it.

I’m so glad we did this though. While I may have been rambling and slightly limping around, I’m so glad it was Megan and Greg up there with me because they were so understanding and they honestly made my job easy by being the sweetest people ever together. This is just a small sneek peek at the session too 🙂

All jokes aside, concussions are no laughing matter and I sincerely feel for those who experience head related traumas. I’m so thankful because mine was only a minor concussion and I believe it was life reminding me that we are all fragile. We can’t take anything for granted. So take care of yourselves, people!

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