Most of my days start with a snuggle from my pups, a cup of coffee and a few Avett Brothers tracks as I dive into editing my latest photos. If you can't tell already, I'm a big believer in working hard while staying as cozy as humanly possible - but don't worry, I won't show up to your wedding wearing sweatpants :) 

I currently live in Chicago with my husband (Ben) and my dogs (Teddi + Mosby). There are few things I love more than a Friday night in with those three. On top of all that goodness, my career allows me to observe so many of life's best moments on a weekly basis, and for that, I am just so genuinely grateful.

secret perfectionist. Pizza lover. Avid tea drinker. Dog mom. Storyteller.

Meet Maddie

Wondering how my last name is pronounced? Happens all the time. Replace the "cha" sound with a "Ka" sound and you're good to go!

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There is something so wonderful about being able to hold on to a letter or note someone took the time to write to you. I have a really hard time throwing those away!

Snail Mail


With a little milk + honey. I usually ditch the milk, but on a treat yo-self day, this is a must.

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Home design

I wish Johanna Gaines could be the tiny voice in my head that tells me which home/life decisions to make.

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This year, California, Colorado, Tennessee, Italy + Switzerland are all on the roster for both work and pleasure.

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My Favorite Things

Meet the CFO

My name is Mosby. You may not see me at any photoshoots, as I tend to work behind the scenes in the office. I started working here in 2018, but I already think I deserve a few extra treats for the amount of hard work I put in. If you agree and would like to set up a meeting to discuss this further, please use the contact form.

(Chief Furry Officer)

Houseplant Eater. Pizza Lover. Messy Water Drinker. Very Good Boy.

I'm a big believer...

My philosophy

that an outside perspective is a really valuable thing. It can be difficult to see how amazing your life is, just as it is. You don’t need awkward posing. You don’t need to photoshop the flaws out. It is all perfect as it is because it is your story and its worth telling.